• FSSC 22000 Certified Company


We are committed to protecting our natural resources and operating in a way that minimizes our environmental footprint with the goal of reaching a net-neutral impact creating a better tomorrow for future generations.

Asianlak’s sustainability Vision is simple in concept, but far – reaching in impact. Environmental sustainability is a core part of this vision. Asianlak recognizes our responsibility to be a good steward of the environment, as a responsible corporate citizen.

Our Environmental Policy includes the following:

1. Asianlak will consider our potential environmental impacts in our daily business decision-making processes.
2. Asianlak will encourage conservation of natural resources, recycling, source reduction and pollution control to ensure cleaner air and water, and to reduce landfill wastes. We will share environmental best practices across the company.
3. Asianlak will establish metrics to monitor our environmental performance, and use these to set goals for continuous improvement.
4. Asianlak will implement environmental management systems to identify and manage environmental risks, obligations and opportunities.
5. We will annually review the company’s performance in implementing this policy.
6. We will review this policy periodically and update it as needed.

It is the responsibility of all its leaders to ensure this policy is effectively communicated, understood and implemented throughout Asianlak operations. All employees are responsible for understanding the impacts of this policy on their day-to day activities and are encouraged to apply good environmental stewardship both in and beyond the workplace.

Water : As a beverage company, reducing our water consumption is one area we believe we can make the most difference. Learn about our efforts to address water issues worldwide Water is essential for all foods: growing, washing, processing and cooking. It is an essential ingredient in our beverages. How muc water we use is important and we are committed to minimizing our water footprint across all operations, including our suppliers.

Asianlak distributes its products in a variety of packages, each carefully designed to deliver convenience and appeal to our consumers while protecting the integrity of our products. Our team of engineers and packaging suppliers are dedicated to finding preferable designs, and are working continuously towards improving our packaging performance while reducing our packaging footprint.

We at Asianlak are committed to bringing our environmental responsibilities to all areas of our business. We are continuously improving our environmental programs and exploring solutions to environmental challenges through socially responsible, scientifically based and economically sound methods. We pass this commitment along to our suppliers and our consumers in an effort to do our part.

Our goals are to design and develop packaging systems that are environmentally responsible throughout their entire life cycle, inspire consumers who want to live more environmentally sustainable lives by promoting recycling, and partner with leading organizations to promote sustainable packaging and recycling practices.

Through ongoing engagement with our packaging suppliers, we are working towards a position where all of our operations use the most environmentally suitable packaging available in their country of operation.