Asian Lakto Industries Ltd.

about the company

Asian Lakto's has been in food and beverage manufacturing for the last 24 years. We are manufacturers of brands like Mr. Fresh Fruit Drinks in pet bottles, Frutta Exotic Drinks in pet bottles.

We have state-of-the-art fully automatic plants along with a team of well qualified and experienced technicians to supervise the manufcturing and quality of our products ensuring only the best reach our customers worldwide. Wal-mart, Future Group (Pantaloon), Vishal Retail ltd. Aditya Birla Retail (More) Tata Hindustan Wholesaling Pvt. Ltd. (Star Bazar) Etc in their private label as well.

Asian Lakto's has also launched exciting new brands, Nata De Coco in pet bottles and Mr. Fresh Fruit bite with Fruite Dices in Cans. Asian Lakto's is currently exporting Mr.Fresh Fruit juices to various countries including Australia, New Zealand, Liberia, Trinidad, Canada etc on a regular basis.

Asian Lakto's innovative product capabilities gives its customer a competitive edge when presenting their products. With so many options to choose from, the possibilitites are nearly endless.

Asian Lakto's has strong foundation of R&D with regular investments made by us in R&D ensures that we provide our cutomers and partners with most beverage solutions at a very competitive cost.

Best For You

our beverages

nata de coco drink

Litchi, Mango, Orange waves frolicking with Nata De Coco chunks adds a fabulous zing to this Drinks The tremendous taste of coconut chased by the sweet delicacy of drinks gives you the fullness of modern romance!

Fruit Bite

Get zipping to a different swing! The swing of fruits layered with chunks of real fruit pulp come together in a fun jig for your taste buds. Your senses will dance their way to joyous bliss with this mixed fruit drink!

Mr. Fresh

Mr. Fresh is for finicky taste buds who need to rehydrate after a long day at play. Made with Natural juices, this drink is packed with power to replenish growing bodies.

Best For You

Mr. Fresh Fruit Bite

Fruit Bite Mixed Fruit

Get zipping to a different swing! The swing of apple, orange and guava added to the romance of mango and pineapple, layered with chunks of papaya come together in a fun jig for your taste buds.

Fruit Bite Mango

Get zipping to a different tropical beat! There's no lying down at this summer party of Mango Drink with juicy chunks of mango.